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Tunis in the rearview mirror of a taxi – in pictures

août 13, 2012

The taxi drivers of Tunis can be said to represent the current social conditions of many Tunisians. Yellow sedans of all makes and models, driven at breakneck speed or puttering by, are nearly ubiquitous in the capital. The profession seems to be a last resort for some in a job market that remains closed, even if the first quarter of 2012 has seen a slight decrease in unemployment rates. Many of those I interviewed voiced disappointed with the social and economic policies of the current government, going as far as to say that nothing has changed since the revolution.  But there is one essential break with the Ben Ali era that they all recognized, at least implicitly. Tunisians no longer fear speaking aloud about their social and political grievances.

By Evan Fisher

Click on the first photo to view the photo essay.



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